Who Wants Remixes?

Trash Yourself

Got some brand spanking new remixes of Trash Yourself’s collaboration with the Toxic Avenger in the inbox today. Do yourselves a favor.

Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger – Die (Ghost Klub Remix)

Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger – Die (Kids at the Bar Remix)

The Ghost Klub Remix is dubstep, not even dubstep / electro crossover really. And the Kids at the Bar remix is in their inimitable style, anyone following our blog over the last couple months will undoubtedly be familiar. Anyways Trash Yourself are going to be all over the Midwest in the near future. Check them out.

6.24.09 :: Oklahoma City, OK :: Robotic Wednesday @ Kamp’s w/ Femme Fatality>>> John Bourke DJ Set

6.26.09 :: Dallas, TX :: Dance Your Face Off @ The Cavern>>> John Bourke DJ Set

6.27.09 :: Oklahoma City, OK :: @ Paralogia>>> John Bourke DJ Set

7.08.09 :: Oklahoma City, OK :: Robotic Wednesday @ Kamp’s w. Glasnost>>> John Bourke DJ Set

7.11.09 :: Denver, CO :: The Electronic Casino @ Palladium>>> !Trash Yourself LIVE

7.22.09 :: Oklahoma City, OK :: Robotic Wednesday @ Kamp’s w/ Oh Snap & Jen Lasher>>> John Bourke DJ Set

7.25.09 :: Kansas City, MO :: Double Vision>>> !Trash Yourself LIVE

7.29.09 :: Oklahoma City, OK :: Robotic Wednesday @ Kamp’s w/ JD Samson of Le Tigre>>> John Bourke DJ Set

7.30.09 :: Salt Lake City, UT :: Dance Evolution @ Trapp Door w/ Eli Smith>>> John Bourke DJ Set

7.31.09 :: El Paso, TX :: Noise @ Club 101>>> !Trash Yourself LIVE

8.01.09 :: Calgary, Canada :: White & Black>>> John Bourke DJ Set

8.05.09 :: Lansing, MI :: TBA Festival>>> !Trash Yourself LIVE

8.12.09 :: Oklahoma City, OK :: Robotic Wednesday @ Kamp’s w/ Database & French Horn Rebellion>>> John Bourke DJ Set

8.14.09 :: Springfield, MO :: Black Box Revue>>> !Trash Yourself LIVE

8.15.09 :: Salem, MO :: Underground Sound 5>>> !Trash Yourself LIVE

8.28.09 :: Gunnison, CO :: @ Gunnison Arts Center>>> John Bourke DJ

9.12.09 :: Appleton, WI :: TBA Warehouse Party>>> John Bourke DJ


Gotta Apologize


We have been slacking lately, can’t say much about it, just that real life took over for awhile. But we’re definitely back (well I’m back, Flashcards is in France ATM) so here’s a few goodies. You will probably all remember how big a fans we are of the Dirty Disco Youth right?

Well they’ve done a hilarious (and also very cool) electro cover of the Survivor hit Eye of the Tiger. Its very much in their usual style except for the dubstep sounding basslines that keep popping up in everyones beats recently. Check it.

Dirty Disco Youth – Eye of the Tiger (Survivor Reinterpretation)

And now for something completely different, we’ve been enjoying a few of the Tittsworth tracks that have passed us by recently. I in particular have liked this track he did with the Yay Area’s Federation, if any of y’all remember hyphy you know what I’m talking about.

Tittsworth ft Federation – Drunk As F*CK (Meterhead Dark Disco Mix)

So once I’d heard that I was like who is this Meterhead character?

Well apparently he is involved in a group called WZRDZ, who are bicoastal, and their style is a little bit more over the top. So here is one of the WZRDZ tracks (again with the wobble, what is going on people?) and a track off Meterhead’s EP from last year.

WZRDZ – For The Ladies

Meterhead – Let It Go

That Meterhead track is basically a fidget AC/DC remix, very gnarly. Alright we promise to post more shit to make up for this gap in service, Flashcards is putting the finishing touches on a new mix, so we’re pretty excited about that. Oh yeah, one more WZRDZ remix as a bonus.

CT Burners and Jubilee – Kick It (WZRDZ Remix)

John Roman’s Skeleton

roman skeleton

John Roman comes through again with some enormous remixes. Skeleton brings skittering ratchet percussion, deep dubstep bass, and distant submarine pings to the dance floor with Roman’s trademark overdriven synth. This one is filthy.
Felix Cartel – Skeleton (John Roman remix)

The Golden Gloves track is all blips and sirens, with the titular “huh” provided by none other than James Brown. It stays pretty smooth and clean until the metal-guitar synths show up in the third act to tear shit apart, closing the track on an odd, galoping dubstep rhythm.
Golden Gloves vs John Roman – Huh?


New Heartsrevolution video is strange

This is creepy in that 70’s children’s movie sort of way, where everything is very pleasant, but also filled with unsettling wrongness.
The song is quite nice though. I’m looking forward to the inevitable remixes.

And of course, some tracks.
First, a pair of Choose Your Own Adventure remixes, one by Streetlab and one by Flosstradamus. Streetlab offers a darker, busier take, while Flosstradamus aims for the dance floor, but both are worth a listen.
C.Y.O.A. (Streetlab mix)
C.Y.O.A. (Flosstradamus mix)

Next, this Dubka remix of Ultraviolence, which is the most pitch-perfect replication of an 80s action movie anthem I’ve ever heard. If you need to run up and down stairs like Rocky, you’d be hard pressed to find a better song.
Ultraviolence (Dubka Remix)

Summertime Clothes

Dam Funk

The good people over at RCRD LBL have recently put up a remix of the Animal Collective’s Summertime Clothes by the master of intergalactic boogie known as Dam Funk. Its got a breezy summer feel to it, and if you’re anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere now’s the time.

Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes (Dam Funk Remix)

I always did think that was the best song on the album, heresy I know. And just so you know what else Mr Funk has got to offer I thought I’d post up one of his better originals.

Dam Funk – Hood Pass Intact

Dude mostly records for Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stones Throw label, if you’re of the vinyl collector sort I’d highly suggest picking up some of those beats, if you can find them that is. All of you hitting us up for those Flying Lotus and Shoes remixes should give this guy a listen.

Grab Bag

La Dolce Vita

Just been poking through the old inbox and I’ve got some interesting stuff from two groups.  We recently posted a La Dolce Vita remix of Trash Yourself, and since y’all seemed to like that one here’s another from them. This is a remix of a track off The Faint’s album last year.

The Faint – Forever Growing Centipedes (La Dolce Vita Remix)

We’re always happy to support local artists here, so good luck to them doing their thing down in Chi right now.  And on a slightly different tip we’ve got a track from a new group from France called Bach & Gina.

They seem like a couple of nice guys, so I’d excuse a little minor ESL hilarity when it comes to their lyrics. The track itself is quite interesting, it sounds if they’ve started with an influence from old Italian Disco and warped it into more modern sounding Electro.

Bach & Gina – Space Pirate

Keep the beats coming people, we love hearing new music.

John Roman remixes Tribe Called Quest

low end

I’ve been disappointed with some of ‘s output lately, but this is pretty good. And anything with the Tribe is worth a listen. You can expect a big grinding synth line, busy drums, and some epic screeching build ups.
A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (John Roman Remix)

While I’m posting rap remixes, here’s a few that fell through the cracks. The Discotech track is perfect for sending home a floor full of tired dancers, and the Biggie is massive (even if the man himself doesn’t make an appearance).
T.I. – Whatever You Like (Discotech remix)
Notorious B.I.G. – Mo Money Mo Problems (Laidback Luke Bootleg)

This next one won’t get anyone dancing, but since I’ve already posted a pitch-dropped Milli, I might as well put up a chipmunk version.
You probably won’t be seeing much Lotus around here, so snap this up.
Lil Wayne – A Milli (Flying Lotus Robo Tussin Remix)