Trash Yourself cover Blur, Get Filthy

trash yourself

This particular piece of dancefloor filth showed up in my inbox this morning. It’s loud, it’s dirty, and it might give your ears herpes, but I’m sharing it with you.

is a duo consisting of DJ John Bourke and gyrating singer/slut Heidi Cannon. (I use ‘slut’ affectionately, Heidi). Their single ‘Touch’ has been picked up by Loliland Records and is available to purchase at beatport. It features remixes from AC Slater, Audius, and Sickboy.

We’ve included a free ‘Touch’ remix from Kids at the Bar to hype their new single, along with a pair of Toxic Avenger collabos and some assorted bootlegs. Keep it trashy.

Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger – Song 2 (Blur Cover)
Trash Yourself – Touch (Kids at the Bar Re-cycled Remix)

Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger – Die
Trash Yourself – Forget It
John Bourke – Hoes Get Down and Shake it (Rye Rye vs Surkin Edit)

Some relevant tour dates:
4.03.09 Carbondale, IL – Sorry We Party w/ The Skinny Dips @ Tres>>> John Bourke DJ Set
4.04.09 Cardondale, IL – After Party starts at 2am @ The IMC>>> John Bourke DJ Set
4.18.09 Chicago, IL – Light It Up 2 :: Seismic Bass Prod Warehouse Rave>>> John Bourke DJ Set
They’re available for more shows, so pick them up midwest promoters!


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