The Twelves admit they’re pretty 80’s


are a Brazilian duo with a number of blog hit remixes under their belts. In an age dominated by distortion, glitch, and wobble, their sound is distinctly 80’s, with mostly clean, undistorted synths, factory preset pads, and simple pop riffs.

After reworking several other 80’s aping acts, their new A-Ha remix seems to acknowledge the origin of their highly-successful sound. They reverently avoid over-powering the classic, letting their synths blip around in the background, and giving the percussion a modern 4/4 facelift.
A-Ha – Take on Me (Twelves Remix)

This take on the track “Metropolis” from the upcoming Cicada record arranges tiny, chopped vocal clips around stumbling percussion without sacrificing the Twelves’ characteristic smoothness. Watch for Cicada’s Roulette on May 25th.
Cicada – Metropolis (The Twelves Remix)

The Twelves are most famous for their remix work, but they’re beginning to be recognized for their original songs as well. “Works For Me” is a love song for the Facebook generation. “I wanna be in your photos from last night,” sings the generic, but pleasant, male vocalist. “When you make out with the girls at the door, I think it works for me.”
The Twelves – Works For Me

This post would not be complete without The Twelves’ take on the Virgins “Rich Girls” track, but I can hardly add anything of value to what’s already been said about it. Here it is.
The Virgins – Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)

The Black Kids remix has been everywhere (including our own Like We Do set), but it was one of my most listened tracks of last year, so it deserves mention.
The Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (Twelves Remix)


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