Drugged Out

special k
There is no cohesiveness to this post, apart from the fact that all of these songs would sound very good on drugs. If you need a break from the high-speed, screaming booze-fests we typically post, try these out on your “ketamine and syrup” friends.

Royksopp’s single has been everywhere, but I’m particularly liking Holy Fuck’s version, with it’s “holy shit, the sun’s already coming up” feel. Since we’re still far from the peak of the remix-wave this track is generating, a version without vocals is more than welcome.
Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Holy Fuck Remix)

Duke Dumont takes on an uncharacteristically hip-hop-leaning, dubstep approach here, sounding like a smoothed out Flying Lotus. This is a Lily Allen remix in name only– the tiny vocal snippets could be anyone– but that’s really not the point; the smoky, stoned-out vibe Dumont has created would perfectly soundtrack any lazy sunday, with or without the attention-whoring name attached. Let’s hope the Duke continues along this vein.
Lily Allen – The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix) ♥♥

This Bat For Lashes remix was recommended to me by Ecchi, so he gets the credit. It’s good. You’ll like it.
Bat For Lashes – Daniel (Death Metal Disco Scene Dub)

is an absolutely prolific remix team, and this one easily lives up to the quality of their best. Perfect for getting your more heavily drugged out friends dancing. Definitely the best remix of this track out there.
Thieves Like Us – Drugs in My Body (Streetlab Mix) ♥♥


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