Public Brings The LA Vibe

Disco Mask

The completely ungoogleable Public is based out of Cali, splitting his time between LA and my future dream home of the Yay Area. He’s been drowning the small chunk of the scene that I pay attention to with medium grade Electro movers with a definite mid 80s vibe to them.

He also appears to be a bit of a metalhead, something I can totally get behind. Those interested in an electrohouse remix of Metallica need look no further than his remix of I Disappear.

Metallica – I Disappear (Public Goth Remix)

Those of you who remember those dark days of the turn of the century, back when the Mooks ruled and Nu Metal was U\ubiquitous, will probably distantly remember this song. The remix is fun.


But the reason I’m bothering y’all is this new thing he’s got called Junkfud. Shit is seriously giving me some mid 90s Super Nintendo metal soundtrack related flashbacks. All about that chiptune sounding synth playing a riff that got lost when it tried to escape from Def Leppard’s Hysteria. Yeah, I like Hair Metal. Kiss my ass.

Public – Junkfud

Anyways he does do some less obviously metalhead tracks, some of them are decent. Check out his Myspace, cause otherwise you’d never find the fucker, how many bands have the word Public in them for chrissakes?

Public – Fit Girls

Public – Colorful

Props to Dods Electro for the tip.


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  1. I salute someone with the guts to publicly praise Hair Metal. And if anyone has a problem with Def Lep/GNR/Kix/Skid Row/Hanoi Rocks, etc. they can kiss my ass, too.

    Chuck Eddy had it right all along.

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