Trash Yourself drop remixes, visit Chicago


come through again with some great remixes. The first is TY’s take on Glasnost’s “Come Alone”, featuring an enormous guitar-flavored synth line, and some clever beat drops. It even gets all pretty at the end without losing momentum.
Glasnost – Come Alone (Trash Yourself Remix) (alt)

Next we’ve got two very different takes on Trash Yourself’s “Forget It”.
The Jason Sundstrom version is all Justice-y metal synths, tightly-chopped, glitchy vocals, and the occasional “woo” sample. It’s a bit obvious, but you can’t argue with that hook after the 3 minute mark.

La Dolce Vita’s version retains the ever-popular distorted synth, but replaces the glitch with melodicism and truly massive build-ups, resulting in a ravey banger perfectly suited to the dance floor. With the break for dancers in the middle, and the easily mixable bookends on the track, it’s like he’s wrapped it up as a present to make DJ’s lives easier. Enjoy it.

Trash Yourself – Forget It (Jason Sundstrom Remix) (alt)
Trash Yourself – Forget It (La Dolce Vita Remix) (alt)


For more Trash Yourself, see our first post about them here.

They’ll be playing a full live set in Chicago on May 1st, for the Dark Wave Disco night at the Sonotheque. It’s only 10 bucks, and Sonotheque’s got pretty incredible sound, so check it out.

5.01.09 – Sonoteque, Chicago IL – Trash Yourself (Live Set)


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  1. […] got some interesting stuff from two groups.  We recently posted a La Dolce Vita remix of Trash Yourself, and since y’all seemed to like that one here’s another from them. This is a remix of a […]

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