New John Roman remixes

john roman

A couple new remixes from showed up in the inbox today. Roman, as you may know, is awesome. And not only for his recent Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix, but also for the fact that his Demo was named after a John Searle thought experiment. How many dance DJ’s do YOU know that have taken Philosophy 101?

The first is “Peep Thong” by His Majesty Andre, which, Roman points out, is actually just a loop. Roman adds several layers of airy, euphoric keys, and nearly succeeds in pulling the song off. Unfortunately, after 4 minutes or so, the repetitive drums wear pretty thin. Those keys are quite nice though.

Second is a remix of the late J. Dilla’s “Time: The Donuts of the Heart,” which Roman says he attempted “because remixing Dilla is a challenge.” He fares relatively well, with decent beat slicing and a soulful keyboard addition. Even the completely unnecessary Ginsberg sample can’t kill the mood.

Both can be downloaded free from the artist’s mediafire.

Really though, these seem like toss-off tracks in preparation for his upcoming Warp It Down remix, which should be pretty great.

To hold you over til then, try these more polished tracks:
John Roman – Who’s Afraid of Cornelius? (remix of Bloody Beetroots)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (John Roman Remix)


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