Gotta Apologize


We have been slacking lately, can’t say much about it, just that real life took over for awhile. But we’re definitely back (well I’m back, Flashcards is in France ATM) so here’s a few goodies. You will probably all remember how big a fans we are of the Dirty Disco Youth right?

Well they’ve done a hilarious (and also very cool) electro cover of the Survivor hit Eye of the Tiger. Its very much in their usual style except for the dubstep sounding basslines that keep popping up in everyones beats recently. Check it.

Dirty Disco Youth – Eye of the Tiger (Survivor Reinterpretation)

And now for something completely different, we’ve been enjoying a few of the Tittsworth tracks that have passed us by recently. I in particular have liked this track he did with the Yay Area’s Federation, if any of y’all remember hyphy you know what I’m talking about.

Tittsworth ft Federation – Drunk As F*CK (Meterhead Dark Disco Mix)

So once I’d heard that I was like who is this Meterhead character?

Well apparently he is involved in a group called WZRDZ, who are bicoastal, and their style is a little bit more over the top. So here is one of the WZRDZ tracks (again with the wobble, what is going on people?) and a track off Meterhead’s EP from last year.

WZRDZ – For The Ladies

Meterhead – Let It Go

That Meterhead track is basically a fidget AC/DC remix, very gnarly. Alright we promise to post more shit to make up for this gap in service, Flashcards is putting the finishing touches on a new mix, so we’re pretty excited about that. Oh yeah, one more WZRDZ remix as a bonus.

CT Burners and Jubilee – Kick It (WZRDZ Remix)


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